Colour of the wind

I was inspired by a competition in a knitting group online to think about colours, the prize being a skein of wool, hand dyed to the colours I could convey through a poem, a memory or a photograph. As I listened to the podcast I didn’t think I would enter in but the idea lingered in my mind. I love colours, nature and handcraft which brought together all of these with my love of writing and my somewhat creative mind.

The thought process came to me suddenly. At first I searched my photo albums for mountain views, envisaging the gorse and heather, a landscape of beauty. Oh to have a skein of wool depicting what I could see. While looking for my photograph my source of inspiration came from another photo, which I have uploaded with my post today.

This is my entry to the competition via Raverly there are so many wonderful posts in the thread mine wouldn’t have a chance of owning the one and only hand dyed skein of wool but I am grateful that the idea provoked my imagination and brought calm to my mind. I realised I could think in colours and present my idea with the beauty of nature. It may not make sense to many people but to me I wouldn’t forget these thoughts. 

My inspiration is drawn from nature, how delicate the small blue butterfly that danced in the wild flower meadow last year. Nature’s colours blending blue with cream and a touch of rusty hue. 

I add the words from Pocahontas as my little butterfly held on in the silver breeze, painting the colours of the wind for me.

You can own the earth and still, 
All you’ll own is earth until, 
You can paint with all the colours of the wind



New year minus 365

I wondered how I would feel on the 1st January 2014 without having a set goal to take a photo each day. Although I am still enthusiastic to keep going with photography a few things have been happening in my life which focused my mind on family/health issues. I posted in my last blog post I have joined OKDOTHIS @beverley and feel this will keep me challenged this year. An excellent source of inspiration once the settling in stage takes place. I am really enjoying this new area of challenges.

I will try to get used to the settings on my DSLR again but will always remember the best camera is the one I have with me: my iPhone I have no doubt the majority of my photos will be with my iPhone as this is also the camera I feel more confident with.
I was checking my albums today and found two garden bird photos I took with my DSLR before I became obsessed with iPhoneography. I thought I would share one of them on my blog today. It’s one of our garden birds in the UK: a Goldfinch. Incredibly colourful garden bird. That’s all for my first blog in 2104, thanks for viewing today. Beverley


October’s selection box

The unexpected colours of Autumn.
How many years have I always considered autumnal hues to be the beautiful shades of golden brown, red and bronze?
This year while taking my photo a day I have discovered autumn has hidden colours in our garden which I have missed every year to date! My ōlloclip has been my companion to finding yet more beauty in nature.

I don’t think anyone would want to hear me singing but when I think about Autumn five words of an old hymn come alive in my mind. The hymn: “Loved with everlasting love”: “something lives in every hue


I hope someone will see what I mean…..Beverley

Looking back

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man. Author Unknown

my spirits were tested this week, if I had known what lay ahead would I have faced it? My future is planned, I have to step forward one day at a time. No one knows what tomorrow holds. A week I will not forget….B