Sometimes it’s too easy to think the path ahead is clear. Blue skies, sunny days what have we to fear? Suddenly we face a hurdle, ones we tried to get over before. This time the hurdle is standing larger than the one we faced before. There may be a bright side but today everything is dark. Sometimes we have to stop along the path, restore energy and remember who holds the future and the future is in His hands. 

“I know who holds the future,

And I know who holds my hand,

With God things don’t just happen,

Everything by Him is planned;

So as I face tomorrow

With its problems large and small,

I’ll trust the God of miracles-

Give to Him my all.”

—A.B. Smith


Colour of the wind

I was inspired by a competition in a knitting group online to think about colours, the prize being a skein of wool, hand dyed to the colours I could convey through a poem, a memory or a photograph. As I listened to the podcast I didn’t think I would enter in but the idea lingered in my mind. I love colours, nature and handcraft which brought together all of these with my love of writing and my somewhat creative mind.

The thought process came to me suddenly. At first I searched my photo albums for mountain views, envisaging the gorse and heather, a landscape of beauty. Oh to have a skein of wool depicting what I could see. While looking for my photograph my source of inspiration came from another photo, which I have uploaded with my post today.

This is my entry to the competition via Raverly there are so many wonderful posts in the thread mine wouldn’t have a chance of owning the one and only hand dyed skein of wool but I am grateful that the idea provoked my imagination and brought calm to my mind. I realised I could think in colours and present my idea with the beauty of nature. It may not make sense to many people but to me I wouldn’t forget these thoughts. 

My inspiration is drawn from nature, how delicate the small blue butterfly that danced in the wild flower meadow last year. Nature’s colours blending blue with cream and a touch of rusty hue. 

I add the words from Pocahontas as my little butterfly held on in the silver breeze, painting the colours of the wind for me.

You can own the earth and still, 
All you’ll own is earth until, 
You can paint with all the colours of the wind


Obstacle or resting place?

Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees. 
Is this an obstacle, is it a hurdle or is it the resting place we need? 
When life presents challenges look beyond the obstacles, there’s exploring to do when we can see clearly and step over the hurdle we suddenly face along the way. 

The woodland breathes for us when we stop to catch breath 

Wandering into autumn

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the Earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”
©Rachel Carson


Sometimes our health tells us when to stop. To take the a rest in order to restore our body and mind. I tried to ignore those signs but when I recognised I wasn’t feeling any better I coped by finding respite in our natural surroundings. I had to accept it was ok to admit I needed to rest without running too far ahead in my mind. The quote I have chosen speaks for me. Beverley

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Forget yesterday, it has already forgotten you
Don’t worry about tomorrow. You haven’t even met.
Instead open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift; Today


Thank you for following my blog on WordPress. I have many more photos and a longer blog on my combined site with my dad alongcamedad We went foraging last week, I made a dish from a Parasol mushroom and then made blackberry jelly. My photos of this are on my blog We foraged, I made It’s blackberry season so maybe I could inspire you to keep it simple with these berries in season to make some tasty treats. Thank you for visiting. Beverley