September’s selection box

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better ©Albert Einstein


The months are passing by. I really didn’t think I would reach the end of September still taking my photo a day.

Once again nature has been my friend and I have amazed myself by getting close to insects and moths! I have always had a fear of moths but when I spotted a photo opportunity with this Twenty-plume moth I put my fears aside to take this photo. The detail in the wing patterns is simply amazing!
I didn’t think 365 would help me to appreciate moths!

Thank you for keeping up with me throughout this project, only a few more months to go. Please call back to see what I have learned and if I enjoyed this challenge. Beverley


It’s all eyes

I stood amazed at the incredible detail the Ōlloclip lens captured yesterday when my little hoverfly arrived back for another photo-shoot.
I normally criticise myself when looking back at my photos but I have to admit this is a favourite photo which I decided to post to my blog tonight.

My 365 project is really helping me and is starting to show me I could progress if only my confidence would let me feel better about more of my iPhoneography….Beverley


On the edge

Sometimes when we feel insignificant or just feel alone in what seems to be the ever growing list of social networks are out there, it’s not easy to recognise the fact that something we do will be significant and it is very important that we do it.

The photo I have chosen today may not be the most welcomed guest in your house or buzzing in your ear! We probably don’t see the actual beauty and fragility shown in the fine wings.
We can stop to admire beautiful flowers but without nature providing a tiny carrier to support the eco-system in the garden we wouldn’t have such pretty flowers adorning our garden.

Insignificant and unwanted yet look at the flowers and remember nature doesn’t cherry pick its friends……yet with care, beauty grows abundantly.
Thank you for reading today…..Beverley


a tweet from my friend added extra details to my photo today…..Also called flower fly/syrphid fly. ‘Pryf hofran’ in Welsh Thank you Sion

Looking back

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man. Author Unknown

my spirits were tested this week, if I had known what lay ahead would I have faced it? My future is planned, I have to step forward one day at a time. No one knows what tomorrow holds. A week I will not forget….B



When bright flowers bloom
Parchment crumbles, my words fade
The pen has dropped ©Morpheus

I just needed to see the detail in this beautiful flower today. I haven’t used any form of edit yet on my iPad the background petals look like a painting. I would love this to be conveyed when the photo is displayed no my blog. I didn’t intend to blog today but this is one photo I want to share as it has made my day so much better…….hope you will share the same emotion…….B