Time out to knit

Too often I get caught up in needless pressure from what people ‘like’ on social networks. Stress of trying to fit in or please is something I need to take control off. Would I prefer to be in with the trends always gaining likes, no matter what I post or do or would I prefer to remain myself, quiet but caring and always thinking of others? Playing a part in private to make sure friends are supported with genuine love and care for those I trust to be my friends. I feel tearful too often just because I feel hurt when the social world goes crazy with counting numbers. Our lives are more than number counting, I would rather count my true friends than be the part of gossip in a world we don’t know who are friends are.

Photography plays a part in what I love to do and has become a focus for my anxieties as I dad step aside with nature and explore the wonderful gifts of Creation. I may seem old fashioned loving handcrafts too but without them I wouldn’t be true to my traditional upbringing and using a gift of creativity.

I haven’t updated this blog for a long time as I write more on our website Along came dad as I share my passion for photography with my dad. No, I am not ashamed to share my admiration and respect for my father. Please visit to read about our fun and explore the nature we find on our doorstep.

My photos today on this little blog are from my recent knitting projects. As part of Kate Davies ‘Seven Skeins club’ I am enjoying seven weeks of patterns with seven skeins of Kate’s new wool to knit with. To date I have completed a Cochal (cowl) Pawkies (fingerless gloves) and I am in the process of knitting a Bunnet (beanie) all Scottish terms for the patterns using Buachaille pure wool. It’s a fun club and Ravelry has become a friendly social network to enjoy an old fashion hobby to the full.


Featured photos: the Cochal : Pawkies for photography or fun!



If things are difficult and life seems to present the most stressful situations, set aside time to restore inner calm.
Someday I will understand why things happen to me but for today and tomorrow I am simply trusting, while He leads me I cannot fail. Beverley


Dream Chasing

I haven’t added any photos to my blog for a little while. Today I just wanted to share completely different photos from those I posted when completing my 365 project. I have always enjoyed trying to be more creative although I think I succeed more with handcrafts.
As readers of my blog will know Kaz was my inspiration for the photo a day project but she also kept me thinking creatively although I didn’t express this during 2013. Kaz’s abstract work always impressed me and constantly moved my goal posts!
The next step for me was joining the community @OkDoThis and this has given me the scope to delve into those apps I didn’t use enough of last year.
The community has some wonderfully creative work with double exposure using an iPhone plus other sections which are rekindling my love of being more creative and expressing my emotions through the images I use. I have uploaded a few of the photos which have kept me busy during this month when it hasn’t been easy for me to get out for scenic type photos. I have used several apps it achieve different effects. I can dream someday I will reach the amazing talent of the people who have inspired me! Thanks for reading. Beverley


It is hard to fail, but it is worse never have tried to succeed.
Theodore Roosevelt

June selection box

Six months completed of my photoaday challenge. I am still enjoying the project and hope to complete the next six months. I have mainly focused on nature but to mark Father’s Day I have added a photo of our hands, a moment I want to remember forever. Thank you for following my progress……B


Repix launch day

What is life without creativity?


effects created using repix app for iPhone/iPad. Being creative with handcrafts and pixels has proved to be a place of respite for me when stress plays a part in my life. When I start to think creatively I want to reach goals beyond what I think I am capable off!