Stopping to wonder


Do you ever stop to wonder if by circumstances you were not able to update your status, share a photo, browse through the latest news and reviews, comment on blogs, send a tweet via Twitter? Sometimes our health dictates how much we can do or how we feel emotionally day by day and it is at times like these we may be halted in our tracks to view a busy online life with different eyes.

Unseen complex health issues cannot be understood by friends who only know us for our online personality, this isn’t their fault and we shouldn’t expect them to understand. I always consider that a friend may need a listening ear or a few words of support when I notice that anyone has been quiet and hasn’t been ‘seen’ online.

I don’t deny the relevance of social sharing and know there are networks I love belonging to and trust the nature of the friendships I have made there. We have to move with the times and embrace the value of friendships we make which wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have the Internet.

The old saying ‘like a drop in the ocean’ can be equated to things we might do in life. I know that our dedication to the conservation of nature may be like a drop in the ocean when man decides houses or roads or shopping centres are a priority, no matter what cost to nature. I thought about this saying and recent issues I have experienced and realised my online presence doesn’t even have enough drops to make a tiny cloud in our cyber cloud. We can disappear, no one will miss us, they don’t even see a vague cloud white or grey if today we disappear eased completely. We don’t want to be clouds in anybody’s life but we want to shine even with a little light.

Turning the tables, do you remember those who have been quiet or aren’t seen in your social circles anymore? In fact these questions are much more important when it comes to us caring for others at home or online. I may stop to wonder but I would prefer to be remembered as a person who cared, who was there when needed and knew when to ask and when to listen. It is more important for us to consider how we react to friends and learn to communicate effectively. This doesn’t mean a public display, it’s the private message, the special card, a hug either virtual or real that will help someone somewhere when we take time to care.

It’s all too easy to feel pressure but we should always remember we have a part to play to in being a friend. I pushed my tears away to type this today.

You can’t see anything properly while your eyes are blurred with tears ©CSLewis


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