We need to chat

My mind has been dwelling on comment I made to dad last week, which prompted me to think of how things have changed due to the fact we spend a lot of time online.
I must add that I have made some wonderful friends via social networks and other online forums. I cherish these friendships and despite never having met I treat them like my extended family.

Last week I mentioned in passing to dad that my friend had commented about a subject. Immediately dad asked how my friend was, what was her weather like and how her husband was. This may not seem odd but I replied that it was only a tweet. I stopped in my tracks and realised that the older generation don’t really grasp the 140 character replies we have become so used to making. They couldn’t even comprehend a ‘like’ of emoji may be the substance of a conversation. Life back before we had the internet involved actual conversations, feelings and genuine care. Do we really want our conversations to be a ‘symbol’ a ‘star’ or a ‘like/ok’? I use all of these to communicate but I also chat to my friends via messages or even the ‘now’ old fashioned email. I don’t think I would have such close online friendships if all I did was send an emoji or a like to my friends everyday. My reply to dad emphasised to me the importance of conversations in real life and online by whatever form that means to us.

Life is busy and often I feel I just want to stop everything and take time to get back to old fashioned meaningful ways. I know a digital detox wouldn’t be the way as I would loose contact with some of my closet friends. I don’t want to think real conversations will be replaced by social buttons and the on going quest online to do whatever it takes to gain followers. Time for family and friends is very important and this involves conversations, caring for how others are feeling. Don’t just ask but wait for their reply as often they will have a problem which requires a listening ear or a little more TLC than any button could give.

Sometimes it takes the older generation who lived life day by day surrounded by family and friends with nowhere to express publicly if something upset them. The old saying ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ would have been their struggle but reality was always there when money couldn’t buy everything. We have a lot to be thankful for with the opportunities the Internet gives to us but when it becomes stressful in our lives or hinder the way we react to others then it’s time to get back to conversations and giving our time to family and friends at home or online.


Yesterday when we were out for a walk, I saw this wood carving and it prompted me to come home and write my blog as it summed up the concept which I experienced last week.

Thank you for taking time to read my thoughts


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