This little light

There are times when I go through every emotion trying to comprehend why things happen. I become anxious feeling I am a failure and recently I have been deeply affected by people who count potential by their number followers or ‘hitting the popular page’ I don’t want to dwell on the negative side of things I have experienced online recently. I want to feel better by thinking about how I can help someone who may be struggling just like me.

Today I heard sad news from a friend. I have friends from school days who don’t worry about being ‘liked’ or ‘followed’. We haven’t met each other since leaving school yet when circumstances arise we know what it is to be true friends. I am thankful we haven’t lost touch and we have a link which is made stronger when we need each other.


My troubled mind takes solace in the words of CS Lewis
Don’t shine so others can see you. Shine so that through you, others can see Him


2 responses to “This little light

    • Thank you Bonnie, it’s reassuring to read your words and the fact you read this little post. Thank you for your comment on the photo. This was taken at our Festival of Light at Mount Stewart a National Trust property and grounds. It was a wonderful experience, we have more photos on our main site but this little tree was special to me which is why I wanted to upload it to my little blog.

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