Along came dad

I have something different for my blog tonight. Although I hope to keep my little place up here I would love to introduce someone who means the world to me.
I don’t go out with my camera alone, I share my love of photography with dad. I wouldn’t explain out story here as this is where I like select a photo to post with a quote or add my thoughts.

I would love you to visit our new joint adventure and read our story and why we started to blog Along Came Dad We will be adding to our blog and photo cubes as we both love photography and often have fun stories to share.

Please remember to bookmark our site and I would love you to subscribe to my second blog. I have chosen a fun photo to introduce dad

Our fun together alongcamedad : two on the loose


2 responses to “Along came dad

  1. I see where you get your talent…you take after your dad…exceptional photos! :)
    Would it be possible for you reblog or post some of his work here so I/others can “like” and share?


    • Thank you Bonnie you are most kind. I have the link to our website on my menu bar up here but will endeavour to post some if our photos here too. We started our site in WordPress but decided to swap to the company I had an account with before as we needed extra space bad options for our galleries.

      We will be adding more to the gallery photos as time goes along.
      Thank you very much Bonnie


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