New year minus 365

I wondered how I would feel on the 1st January 2014 without having a set goal to take a photo each day. Although I am still enthusiastic to keep going with photography a few things have been happening in my life which focused my mind on family/health issues. I posted in my last blog post I have joined OKDOTHIS @beverley and feel this will keep me challenged this year. An excellent source of inspiration once the settling in stage takes place. I am really enjoying this new area of challenges.

I will try to get used to the settings on my DSLR again but will always remember the best camera is the one I have with me: my iPhone I have no doubt the majority of my photos will be with my iPhone as this is also the camera I feel more confident with.
I was checking my albums today and found two garden bird photos I took with my DSLR before I became obsessed with iPhoneography. I thought I would share one of them on my blog today. It’s one of our garden birds in the UK: a Goldfinch. Incredibly colourful garden bird. That’s all for my first blog in 2104, thanks for viewing today. Beverley



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