Challenge 365 completed 2013


Day 365: I should be posting my December selection box today but as this is my last photo of this challenge I decided to take a photo of the ‘kit’ I used throughout the year to fulfil this challenge. Actually I had to use my DSLR to take this photo and now I know how much my mind is focused on using my iPhone this year. I was tempted to ‘tap to focus’ which didn’t make any sense with a DSLR! Embarrassingly I wondered why the view finder wasn’t working until I remembered I had to remove the lens cap……..

It will be very strange to start tomorrow without the thinking about which photo I might find for my 365 challenge. It was a long journey but one I enjoyed and have learned a lot from it. I am not too pleased with some of the photos I have taken but each of them has taught me something about the styles and subjects I enjoyed the most and exactly what I need to improve….a lot!

I don’t want to make this a long boring blog post but I would like to encourage anyone thinking about the new year we are about to enter (some already have reached 2014) to think about the challenge. Start as I did, thinking I would only take a photo a week but when I had taken the first one I knew I just had to keep going. I sometimes dreamt I had forgotten to take my photo and wondered what I was going to do as this would have been a big fail for me!

It wasn’t always easy as I am mainly at home and my subjects where mainly found in our garden. This wasn’t as bad as I thought as I really saw the changes in our garden on a daily basis and discovered many treasures through the Ölloclip macro lens….this opened up a new world to me. I decided to get a calendar printed (the one in this photo) with a selection of the photos to reflect on in 2014. I was quite amazed that the photos printed out quite nicely and people have remarked on how they would like one! I think I know most of the flowers from seed to bud to flower and back again. Nature is an amazing artist.

I wouldn’t be starting a new 365 but my mind wouldn’t stop as I really want to be more creative and explore more with my iPhone and perhaps my DSLR after a crash course to learn the settings for this again!

One last thing I registered with OKDOTHIS an iPhone photo sharing app. I wasn’t sure at first but have slowly become addicted to the app and enjoying the community. It will keep my creative mind going as I have bookmarked a lot of ‘DOs’ created by others in the community which in turn makes me find those photos to post to my stream up I there! If you have an iPhone download the app and become involved. Follow me @beverley as I would love to follow you and discover a new challenge with you. It’s fun yet most inspiring.

Thank you for following my blog while I completed 365 (longer post than it should have been if you are still reading, thank you!)



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