Looking back 300 days

As it’s day 300 of my photo a day challenge I decided to post an update to my blog.
First and foremost I cannot believe I have actually reached day 300.
Ok I love my iPhone and would have been taking photos, here, there and everywhere but to have to take one with a project in mind, not using one which I had taken previously just because I couldn’t think of one to take one of the days….. is the reason this is a challenge. I have kept going although I feel I am really being tested now as my main canvas (the garden) has significantly changed from an abundance of flowers and insects….yes I have even discovered they are incredibly detailed and worthy of a place in my 365.

The colder weather will test me too as my hands suffer a lot in the cold. Painful and unusable at times even if I am wearing gloves or inside! It’s only autumn and I have already found I layer up with boots, fleece and jacket just to go out to find my photo in the garden.

I really have enjoyed the challenge to date and will have to believe in myself that I will complete the next 65 days, carefully thinking about my subject and keeping my mind engaged to find a photo and an apt title for each one. This project has taught me a lot about the style of iPhoneography I am trying to achieve plus given me a completely different view of our garden over each season, that’s good as I love nature and really didn’t realise some of the beauty I didn’t see previously.
I look back at the photos from the beginning of 365 and can see how I stumbled and how much I have learned but know full well I have so much more to learn. I hope to keep on pushing my goalposts after I have completed the full project. I will look back on 2013 as the start of leaning curve I really needed to join.

I hope people who have been kind to visit my blog and view my photos will keep with me for 65 more days. Thank you for staying with me to date B


Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about : Author Unknown


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