Selection box for August

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience ©Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s been a month of bugs! My Ōlloclip macro lens opened my eyes to the intricate detail of insects, hoverflies, butterflies and bees enjoying a feast in our ‘bug friendly’ garden. I surprised myself as I admit I’m not too keen on insects with wings if they fly at me! I found a munch bunch of caterpillars yet given time they appear as nature’s beautiful butterflies.
I have struggled with my health and confidence this month but with quietly spoken words of encouragement and the realisation I need to take things slower, perhaps adopting the pace of nature…….someday I may be able to finish this sentence, looking back what will I see…..B


yesterday my friend Del @Ysabeluna tweeted a quote which must have been written for me “nothing would be the same if you didn’t exist……” Via @BestEarthPix


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