April selection box

Sweet April showers Do bring May flowers ©Thomas Tusser

A new month, time to reflect on my photo a day challenge for April….B



4 responses to “April selection box

      • You’re very welcome! I’m considering getting the Olloclip and seeing pictures like that make me think I should go ahead and do it!


      • I don’t regret purchasing my Ōlloclip in fact I have to stop myself using it at times! I have tried the other lens but the macro one is my favourite. If they sold each lens separately it would be the macro I would choose.

        I feel it has helped with creativity and I am always looking at hidden things in the garden most people wouldn’t see as a photograph. I have a 365 and an Ōlloclip album on Flickr (link at top of blog) with some more shots.

        Thank you very much for taking time to comment. I hope if you buy one you are as pleased as I am :) I am waiting for a tripod to help even more. At first I was awful trying to stay still and focus!


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