Peek a boo!

A quick note with a photo today, slightly off beat from my blog photos to date.
I have been spending my time offline knitting and getting back to other handcrafts which I have always enjoyed (a little escape for me)
As the idiom says “it’s an ill wind (that blows nobody any good)”

This jumper started out as one for me as I had already knit my father one before Christmas.
Discovered on completion of my project the jumper was much too big for me…..but hey peek a boo look who is wearing it – my dad!



2 responses to “Peek a boo!

  1. How wonderful is this Jumper Oh Minz you are so gifted this is fabulous thats it Im buffing up my wings and flying over to be with you with wool & needles I must have a minz jumper lol for this beez bod OH I wish i cod just up & fly over these yarns you knit with these patterns are a lot of work are not easy to do..You truly are very very gifted ;))) bx


    • Beez you are far too kind with your compliments, I blush as I type this! I love needlework of all kinds and knitting was my first steps into developing the various projects I enjoy. Your comment arrives on days which I am remembering my much loved mum (sadness mixed with my words) any skills I have today were taught to me by my mum who was my best friend and teacher.

      I am planning my way ahead with this blog and my website, perhaps I will consider adding more craft projects as creativity in handcraft and photography have been a big help when going through times with my health.

      Thank you for your visit and kind comments
      miniz B


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