Wings and leaves

Butterflies, birds, bees, books all on my blog today

All photos taken with my iPhone. Follow my link to see more

Painted Lady Butterfly



Sometimes it’s too easy to think the path ahead is clear. Blue skies, sunny days what have we to fear? Suddenly we face a hurdle, ones we tried to get over before. This time the hurdle is standing larger than the one we faced before. There may be a bright side but today everything is dark. Sometimes we have to stop along the path, restore energy and remember who holds the future and the future is in His hands. 

“I know who holds the future,

And I know who holds my hand,

With God things don’t just happen,

Everything by Him is planned;

So as I face tomorrow

With its problems large and small,

I’ll trust the God of miracles-

Give to Him my all.”

—A.B. Smith

Colour of the wind

I was inspired by a competition in a knitting group online to think about colours, the prize being a skein of wool, hand dyed to the colours I could convey through a poem, a memory or a photograph. As I listened to the podcast I didn’t think I would enter in but the idea lingered in my mind. I love colours, nature and handcraft which brought together all of these with my love of writing and my somewhat creative mind.

The thought process came to me suddenly. At first I searched my photo albums for mountain views, envisaging the gorse and heather, a landscape of beauty. Oh to have a skein of wool depicting what I could see. While looking for my photograph my source of inspiration came from another photo, which I have uploaded with my post today.

This is my entry to the competition via Raverly there are so many wonderful posts in the thread mine wouldn’t have a chance of owning the one and only hand dyed skein of wool but I am grateful that the idea provoked my imagination and brought calm to my mind. I realised I could think in colours and present my idea with the beauty of nature. It may not make sense to many people but to me I wouldn’t forget these thoughts. 

My inspiration is drawn from nature, how delicate the small blue butterfly that danced in the wild flower meadow last year. Nature’s colours blending blue with cream and a touch of rusty hue. 

I add the words from Pocahontas as my little butterfly held on in the silver breeze, painting the colours of the wind for me.

You can own the earth and still, 
All you’ll own is earth until, 
You can paint with all the colours of the wind


Resting orders 

When the pace of life is magnified at this time of year, it takes its toll on all of us. I know people have the energy to enjoy family gatherings, to meet up with friends and invite guests to their home. I remember when dad and my late mum made Christmas special, memories like this cannot be taken away but today things have caught up with me and I know things will have to slow down. Time to recover is something all of us need.  

 Looking out of the window, thinking about Christmas when I was a child, thinking about those who will be alone. I remember singing the words below in a children’s choir. For us Christmas will be days to reflect, to think of others and appreciate belonging to a small family circle. The circle has been broken, I miss those who are gone and I know others will be feeling the same loss. A family is precious, treasure times when you can still meet as a complete family circle. 

Keep Christ in Christmas. Let him abide, amid all the tinsel and tinkling bells. Keep Christ in Christmas. Don’t spurn his grace. Your joy will increase. You’ll have sweet Christmas peace when Christ has first place.